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Portfolio of Projects

Selection of Previous Works
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Agronomist Farmer

Environmental Survey App and Story Maps

ADAS RSK Ltd (2018 - 2023)

Co-create bespoke survey apps to support environmental surveys (arboriculture and ecology) for a range of clients and projects. Innovate with development to create efficient tools for surveyors, and accurate data for clients. Presented the work in a story map and award an Innovation Award from RSK. News article on the story map:

Arc Consulting Isle of Wight Ltd (2017-2018) 

Created story map to map out and create engaging content for a newly created woodland walk trail for members of the public to use to be informed of the important historical and ecological context of the project.

Exploring Habitat Connectivity with Condatis

Natural England (2023) 

Collaborated on a project in partnership with the University of Liverpool to apply the Condatis tool of specific habitats to assess the connectivity and occurrence of species migration bottlenecks. Explored outputs with a focus on grassland habitats, and wrote up findings and discussion in report (link to be published soon).

Image by Gary Bendig
Image by niko photos

Academic Research

University of Exeter (2015 -present)

Undertaken a range of research projects with a variety of methods (e.g. field data collection, statistical analysis and modelling, remote sensing analysis, GIS analysis).

PhD Research: Fully-funded PhD with the Environemntal Intelligence CDT. Applying machine learning and AI tools to solve environmental problems. Current research looking at past and future nature resilience of the UK and mechanisms that support nature recovery. 

MSc By Research Thesis: Modelling the effect of different carbonate weathering rates on Earth system resilience. Collaboration with the University California Riverside with Professor Andy Ridgewell, using the cGENIE Earth System model to explore carbonate weathering feedbacks through deep time and with future simulations.

Undergraduate BSc dissertation: Carbonate weathering coastal buffers from chalk cliffs (Isle of Wight field collection). Collaboration with University of Hawaii on carbonate system modelling. 

Supervision by Professor Tim Lenton throughout academic career.

Analysis and Innovation with Open Government Data

Natural England (2022-2023)

As part of the Sussex and Kent Area Team, carried out various analyses to support various work streams and strategic decision making. Some example outputs: 

- Species prioritisation in Countryside Stewardship agreements presented in an interactive dashboard

- Mapped out species projects across the counties

- Woodland opportunity mapping for woodland creation and connectivity

- Spatially contextualise colleague work areas (mapping out protected sites, key habitats and other layers) 

- Exploring NE created tools to support colleagues considering climate change impacts and adaptation e.g. with the National Biodiversity Climate Change Vulnerability Model


Image by Chris Whatley
Wild Fire

Climate Change Communication

University of Exeter (2017 -2019)

Collaborated with small team of Climate Change scientists to create Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on Future Learn. 


The Brilliant Club (2021-2022) 

Created a full-term course on climate change history and impacts and take to KS3 and KS4 as part of the scholars programme on the Brilliant Club. Gave course to two local schools, specifically for students with lower opportunities for University Education.

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